June 26th, 2000 Rebirth:  The darkness of the whole page was starting to bother me.  Light schemes and bright colors abound!  PHC has just updated their page scheme to light colors, so why not mine too?  By the way, Kudos to the new PHC page.  It looks great!

June 28th, 2000 A new look for the Seasons selection page.  Decided to scrap the pull down menus I had envisioned....

June 30th, 2000 More information for the Seasons section.  Joseph Sliker just sent me some wonderful Monologue descriptions from his site for the 1995 Season.  I now have almost the entire season covered.  A change is needed to make the Seasons pages more appealing. 

July 01st, 2000 Well, I finally updated the year 2000 schedule.  After almost 8 months of waiting, it's here.  Hell, the year is almost over...  Anyway, I still have the last couple of months to get descriptions done for, so watch out for that...

July 04th, 2000 Happy Holidays to everyone visiting.  I am of course using the time to update the site.  New this week is another big change.  I have re-formatted the Seasons Archive pages with a more useful layout.  Some nice scanned graphics have been added to enhance the experience.

July 05th, 2000 Just finally adding this what's new page to the site.  Now, if I can just keep it updated too......  Please let me know what you think of the site.  And if you have anything to add, don't be shy!    -JHT

July 08th, 2000 Finally updated the last two months of descriptions (May & June).  I still have to finish July 1st.  I also added a new page with descriptions of the 95 through 2000 seasons in the form of a chart.  Monologues are distinguished between regular and repeat broadcasts in a quick refrence style.  Still don't know where I will put it yet, but you can access it HERE or on the main page with the "Green House" button

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