Phil Joel
Phil was born in Adelade, Auckland, New Zealand.

* married to Heather Elizabeth Joel.

* has a daughter named Phynley Elizabeth Joel who was born on October 15th 2001.

* he hates cats

* he drives a black ford 250 crew cab w/ gray leather inturior. he calls it the "Texas Machine"

* his shoe size is 13

* when born he was 8 pounds & 5 onces.

*  his fav sucker is jolly ranchers

* hobbies: gardening
Name: Phillip Joel Urry
Birthday: January 5, 1973
Height: 6'3
Weight: 155 pounds
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown (he colors it blonde)
Favorite food: Lasanga & cheetos
Pets: a dog (bull mastiff) named Piha.
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