Newsboys Quiz!!!
* hint: not all the answers to the questions are in this website, it is also easier to do the quiz if you print it out. email your answers to: [email protected] to get your grade on this quiz. ENJOY!!
* directions: match first names with last names.

1) Peter                                      Philips

2) Jody                                       Joel

3) Phil                           Frankenstien

4) Duncan                                Davis

5) Jeff                                   Furler       
*directions: write the wives names in the correct slots.

Breeon, Erika, Jeni, Summer, Heather

6) Peter is married to

7) Jeff lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, _________.

8) Phil met __________ at a radio station.

9) Jody lives with his wife ________ on the same street as Jeff and his wife.

10) Duncan in married to __________ and they live in Franklin, TN.

11) They all live in ____________. 
*directions: match nicknames with names.

12) Oinch                                                        Peter

13) Baldy                                                        Jody

14) Helmet                                                     Phil 

15) Squizz                                                       Jeff

16) Goldylocks                                               Duncan    
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