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10/20/02-Hey Guys! I've made alot of changes today, I've named my website (YEAH!) and put in new pages, the tips & hints are very good and they do work, very well actully if you have any tips i could put them in just email me by pressing the "here" at my last news on the 17th.

10/17/02- HELLO!
Phynley (Phil's daughter) Turned 1 two days ago! she's soo cute!  I updated the Vocabulary page, i've been busy with High School...URG! if anyone has any Newsboys pics they want to put in my "pics from friends" page please email them to me at
AWWW! This is Phynley and Phil in his house.
09/26/02- Hi! havn't updated in a while,The Newsboys started their All About The Word: THRIVE tour, which I'm going to on Oct. 26th 2002.
Which I'm looking foward to! 

I have a new gallery of pics of me at Festival Con Dios, yeah i got to meet Toby Mac & Audio Adrenline and got 2 free c.d.'s for my donation to a charity. a special edition Audio A and a new c.d. from a new group who's name i can't remeber.... 
08/11/02- I havn't updated in a while....oh, Dunny & Breeon had their baby, a girl, Taylor Holden Philips born on June 16th, 2002 ( father's day!) and weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces. Dunny took a plane to Breeon when he got the phone call to be there when she was in labor. he was on tour when this happened.  CONGRATS! I'm going to a Newsboys THRIVE concert this fall on October 26th, 2002 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. the THRIVE concert tour dates are at:  

06/01/02- I finished the Newsboys Quiz, now I'm working on the single quizzes.

05/31/02- today is Dunny & Breeon's 5th Anniversary CONGRATS!
I might go to Creation 2002 in Oskosh, WI. I'll have to ask them for hugs this time.  I made a few updates....the Jody & Dunny bios.....I'm working on quizzes..they are gonna be great......

04/22/02- went to the Mt. Pleasent, MI concert. It was very cool. Phil did Kong-fu all over the stage, Jody acted like a cowboy, Jeff sang with Phil on the La-La's of the song "live in Stereo", Dunny made faces at Peter and Peter picked up Phil and swung him in circles. I met all of them for the first time spending at least 2 minutes each, got their autographs on my shirt and pics with all of them.   

03/30/01-updated, Dunny is having a baby! It's a girl, her name is Talyor Holden Philips & she's due in June.

03/26/02-newsboys c.d. THRIVE came out!
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