Newsboys Vocabulary


Newsboys Nicknames
Onich- Jeff's nickname, nobody knows what it REALLY means except for the Newsboys, Bob Smiley and a couple roadies.

Helmet: Jody was given this one on account of his hair looking like a helmet shape due to his fro he had for a while.

Squizz: A nickname that nobody knows what it means, but for a while Dunny said his middle name was Squizz. there are several veriations on this including Squizz-man, Sqizzy, Captian Squizz........

Baldy: Pete's nickname due to him shaving his head. many fans think he's completly bald but he's not.....only some places :) 

Goldylocks: Phil's nickname for his blonde long curly hair.

Philly: Phil's nickname which he hates, his wife Heather calls him this in stores just to annoy him, me i named my yellow colored, sarcastic cat Philly just to annoy Phil. :) (by the way, he hates cats)   

Newsboys Tour names      

FCD- Festival Con Dios (festival with god) a tour that the Newsboys were in last year with 6 or more Christian rock bands as well. This has become a annual tour.

SUTTM: Step Up To The Microphone tour.

TMTYL: Take Me To Your Leader tour.

Random Stuff

Veggimite- stuff that Peter likes, only found Australia.

ONIP: One Night In Pennsylavia, it's a movie/DVD that has their Shine tour (correct me if i'm wrong) 


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