Jody Davis!!!
Jody was born in Evansville, Indiana.

* is married to Erika ( a ballarina) and has one daughter, Bethany Catherine Davis.

* his nickname is Helmet (because of his fro)    
* his first job was picking peaches

* He always carries a camera where-ever he goes, his favorite camera is a polariod I-zone camera.

* he's known as the "slient Newsboy" but the guys say he's not once you get to know him.

* He now lives in Nashville, TN  & Jeff Frankenstien lives down the street from him. the rest of the guys live in Franklin, TN.     
Name: Jody Brian Davis
Birthday: September 26th, 1967
Height: 5'11 (i think...)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Favorite Food: Coffee.....
Hobbie: dirt bike riding
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