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Functions of "Bilingual News"

1. When after you received the zip file of "Bilingual News" you have to unzip the file. To unzip files you can use WinZip. If your computer don't have any unzip tool, then visit:  to get WinZip

2. After unzip, Right click on 'Bilingual news'. Click on copy and minimize all windows. Right Click on Desktop and click on Paste Shortcut. So, any time you can use this shortcut to use 'Bilingual news'.

3. By pressing F11, you can make full page view of 'Bilingual news', after it opened. (Most of the browsers accepting this shortcut key)

4. Home page of "Bilingual news" showing the header part and middle part. There have links like, Home, Site1, Site2, Site3, Othersites etc.

5. If you clicking Site1 it will lead you Manorama site.

6. If you clicking Site2 it will lead you Deepika site.

7. If you clicking Site3 it will lead you Kaumudi site.

8. These three sites are providing Malayalam and English News through their server. When after you entered to these sites, the very narrow header will appear to locate several sub portion of those sites. Those links include: Home, SubHome, MainNews, Kerala, India, World, Editorial, Updates, Obit&Local, Sports, Business, Feature & Pravasi. You can visit these pages by clicking on those links. If you clicked on these links its Malayalam page will show at top and English will show at bottom part-This is the most interesting feature of this web package. 

9. Another interesting function is that you can simply drag page ends. Suppose, when you reading Kerala news at Malayalam section, you can make it full page by dragging up the top divider and dragging down the bottom divider. Later you can re-drag the dividers and can read English section. If you want to compare both news you can simply adjust both pages by using dividers and side scrollbars.

10. If you clicking on 'Othersites' it will provide you the link to other Malayalam news/magazine sites, Selected English newspapers sites and leading south Asian news papers (In English, Hindi, Pushto, Dari, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Tana, Nepali and Sinhalese Languages). 

11. Another interesting feature is that, if you clicking any of Malalayalam site name it will open a new window. If you clicking another Malayalam site, it will also open in the same new window. And if you clicking on all other sites will open another new window. Here, only Two new window opens. One for Malayalam sites and another one for all other sites. So you can keep both windows and can compare the news each other.

12. There have another link 'worldnews' at top of Home page. If you clicking here it will lead to the details about worldnews and it will give instruction 'how you can join to 'worldnews' group'.

13. If you want to invite your friends you can simply add their email address in the homepage of "Bilingual News". Or you can send personal emails to them. You can see a sample letter to invite them. To get this matter, click on 'suggest' in the homepage.

14. You can return any time to main page of "Bilingual News" by clicking 'Home' at Top. 

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