Who Moon Star Is


Moon Power: Moon Star Light!
With this power she takes The Light from the moon and blasts what ever she's fighting with it.

Earth Power:  Earth Healing!
She can heal some of those that are hurt in a battle.

Dream Power: Star Dreams Power!
With this power she can become anyone or anything she wants to. She can also go into other peoples dreams, and hear what there saying just by thought.


Sailor Moon Star
Super Sailor Moon Star
Galaxy Moon Star < Top fighting sailor form

It's in her blood line, Sailor Moon is her grandma. But when she fell into the past she was taken in by the Queen Serenity, and became somewhat like a part sister to Princess Serena. Sailor Moon Star is the daughter of Sailor Mini Moon and Helous. There for she was sent just like her Mom before her to become a true sailor scout. Only she's sent down as a teenager.

Dress Colors: Deep blue and the bow is violet
Hair: Long       Color: Brown      eyes: green
Age: 16 years old

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