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New Saidabad Welfare Association
      To provide  our job less people, students with education of the highest quality, groom their personality and inculcate a sense of responsibility, confidence, commitment and dedication towards their interest and profession, society and the country.
       To  promote,  preserve,  protect saidabadians & their culture among peoples  living  in the city.                
       To create sense of brother hood, cooperation, & cohesion among all citizens living in the city.
          To  promote  contacts  with  sindhi's  living  in  other  part  of Sindh & of the world.
        To inform, educate & create awareness  among  citizens  about our  way  of  life,    culture, civilization, values, philosophy languge, litrature, history, hesitage, rights,   interests,  &  to  work to preserve  and  promote  a   constructive evolution of the same.
We wish all the Sindhi Hindus around the world a very happy "Diwali"  and  properious  new year with   full  of  brightness, love and happines...      NSWA
IT Professionals
Business mans
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Benazir Butto            

Bashir Khan Qureshi

Dr. Suleman Shaikh

Attaullah Megal
Sindh University Jamshoro

Mehran University Jamshoro

Quaid E Awam Nawabshah

Liaqat Medical Jamshoro

ISRA University Hyderabad

Sindh Agriculture Tando Jam

NED Univesity Karachi

Karachi University

Hamdard University Karachi

Alama Iqbal Open University
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Activities of the peoples of your City
Mohsin Ali Rajput
Web Desiner
My Friends & City Talents
Shoaib Aslam Rajput
Web Designer
Mohsin is my net friend, I examined him during net chatting and found him most talented guay. He always shows his interest in web page designing, he tried to make page on various free page builders and finally made one.. Wel Done Mohsin
Mohsin introduced Shoaib he also became  my net friend, I examined him too during net chatting and also found him most talented guay have ability to learn &  intrested in web page designing, he tried to make page on various free page builders ..Wel Done Shoaib
Rao Fayaz ahmed is also this club member, his photograph is  pasted below. He is very inteligent boy, I am looking forward for him he is very active & one day perhaps he too will be well IT professional. I met him and find him a good behavioured, respect giving  & intectual guay, how ever he could not recognize me when I met him in Station Cafe, bat later he told me that he did it delibrately. No matter, your efforts are always appreaciated
Internet Networking
Learn Foreign Languages
Microsoft Trainings
Training Tools
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Free Website Designing
Rao Fayaz Ahmed
Javed Samoon
Sindhi Hero's
their struggle
Heemo Kalani...?
GUL Cafe  & Cable Net
New Saidabad
Manzoor Ahmed Jatoi
Engineer & composer
JSM Net Cafe is situated near station street New saidabad, this is the joint venture of three friends Javed, Suleman & Mohsan, who are very  keen in web designing and other computer related softwares These friends has decided to provoke computer technology amongs the student of the city.
JSM Cafe  & Cable Net
New Saidabad
     A get together meeting of Saidabadian's  was called by Raees Haji Nazir Raho at his residence in defence Karachi. Mr. Abdul Razzaque Umrani on behalf of Raees, managed this meeting, and took all out efforts to collect the participants whose addresses or telephonic contact numbers were awailable with Mr. Umrani. The efforts taken are appreciated & wel comed  with hope that, inorder to exchange views/theme such meetings be continued by others too.
Wel Done!.... Mr. Umrani keep it up!.
WEL COME ...Your Visitor # is
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Naveed Larik
Shahid Larik
Abdul Sattar Memon (Memoroial  Academy)
My First Site
Javed Jabbar Memon
     A research scholar from Sindh-Pakistan & a PHD Research Student of Manchester University School of Law in UK.
     Mr. Javed has submitted a report on violation of human rights in Sindh on 10th April 2004 in a seminar held by Pakistan Lawyers Forum UK in Manchester. Former Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif was the chief guest of the seminar. A huge number of Law makers/Bar members from Law Society of England & Wales also attended the Seminar.
Who & where.....?
Adresses, Telephonic contacts, positions of people of your city
Malook Nizamani, A. Razzaq Memon, Aamir Bashir & Syed Zaman Shah (A group)
Zainulabdieen Memon
S/o Haji Muhammad Ibrahim Zamindar New Saidabad.
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