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Undreds of these small islands are scattered in and around the Chuuk Lagoon. Click on the image to view photo clips of exhotic Micronesia.

By Buamoe (Charity) Otoko:

MOMUSA Christmas Gathering

Sunday, December 23, 2001 marked the day of MOMUSA's annual Christmas gathering, and once again, it was held at the US Center for World Mission's historic campus located on the border of two of Southern California's very own historical cities, Altadena and Pasadena. Many Southern California residents were blessed with the fortune of decent weather on what many consider Christmas Sunday. The storm that was predicted by forecasters was nowhere in sight as the clear, nearly aqua sky illuminated itself during the day preceding the storms of the previous. The sun's warm and radiant beams shone through the coolness of the air and the flickering flames of the fire place in the center of Aylward House's East Lounge created a mild warmth in the cool that set the perfect atmosphere for the celebration. The congregation consisted of islanders who traveled as far as Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii and Chuuk, including the hosts groups from San Diego and Los Angeles. Those islands represented were Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Palau and Samoa.

Friends, once again, the MOMUSA will host another volleyball tournament for both men and women, Saturday, February 16th on the US Center for World Mission Campus located in Pasadena California.

If you haven't been to any of the MOMUSA sponsored events, then this is your time to have fun with Micronesian brothers and sisters. Time is running out therefore, we urge that you register your team(s) as soon as possible.

For team registration and other information pertaining to the event, please contact us at:

[email protected] or simply leave a message on our message board.

See you there.

The service was held at noon (island translation: 1pm), and it opened with melodious worship and carols led by talented song leaders Siwine Lodge and Tester Buas. Islanders blessed each other through their gift of song and music as the groups from San Diego and LA each shared a couple of numbers. Some other numbers included Arlene, Siwine and Yonder from Pasadena, The SD Boyz and our beloved Deborah Toribiong Fambro (who will be leaving us in January to return to her homeland of Palau where she will continue her ministry to women). The guests of honor were none other than the gifted and humorous Reverend and Mrs. Buck who were accompanied by their brother Don. (The Bucks both closely served in the churches of The Marshall Islands and Kosrae for many years where they have been working on the translation of the Bible in the vernacular. They now reside in Claremont, California). As Reverend Buck spoke, he shared several of his experiences with Christian islanders, and the islanders were enthusiastically reminded of "The Hope for a Fallen People." Proceeding Reverend Buck was our very own senior pastor, Reverend Buhler who continued the sharing on "The Hope for a Fallen People," and closed with the Benediction. Immediately following the service, the ladies presented a vast amount of homemade dishes for what was to be a voluptuous feast, and indeed it was. Children and adults both young and old enjoyed the combination of island and western foods.

In its entirety, this year's MOMUSA Christmas gathering was once again very satisfying, thanks be to our Loving Heavenly Father, and we look forward to the next time that we as islanders gather together with the same enthusiasm to worship Him as fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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