NEWS relative to the 21st Century

the national press may have missed it!

The subjects covered in the national press these days seem to be limited to sex, violence and other topics which tend to leave one depressed, helpless and with grave doubts about the civilisation in which we live.

The accuracy of these (and other) reports leaves quite a lot to be desired - although our civilisation has reached a peak in technology - and the abyss as far as moral standards are concerned.

Here you will find articles from around the world which tend to question, or throw a different light upon many of the topics covered by journalists and others.

Hopefully they will make YOU think.

Remember that what you BELIEVE - or what anyone else believes - never changes the TRUTH.

And just what IS "truth"??

PLANET EARTH meets the PHOTON BELT ... an authoritative account of a pending event.

TITANIC MYSTERY DEEPENS ... a surprising report from South Africa.

SPACE-GATE:The Veil Removed ... The most authoritative account of extraterrestrial beings and their activities.

BIBLICAL "WORMWOOD" ON ITS WAY ... as is this article

- - - - - Important Update: 1997 01 30.

We will also be including BOOK REVIEWS or excerpts.

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