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11th of September, 2001

The day World War III began??

On the 11th of September 2001, just a couple of days ago, the world got shocked by the devastating news from America. First the World Trade Centre had been attacked by two hijacked airplanes from the American Airlines company. The two airplanes crasht into the WTC building around 08:48 U.S. time. An hour after these crashes the WTC towers collapsed burrying thousands of people. A little while after the WTC attack, the Pentagon got attacked by also an airplane of the American Airlines Company. One part of the Pentagon got destroyed. A fourth plane crasht near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania without destroying anything.

This site is dedicated to this disaster which happened in America. Our feelings go out to the ones who got killed, the ones who are missing, the ones who survived and the family of the victims. We therefor also hope that the United States of America will find and punish those who did such awfull crime. On this site you will find photo's about this disaster and also the latest news.

So come back regurarly to check this site.

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