Some have asked...
"What in the heck does "Our Bowman Can Drive" mean anyway?"

 Well, on a racing sailboat everyone gets a job. The Bowman
stands at the front of the boat working his butt off with sail
handling and trying not to get killed working spinnaker changes and jibes and the like. Most Bowmen never get to drive. As a result, they're not very good at it. When they do drive, it's usually a formula for disaster. While I don't know who was driving in the picture above,  I would not be surprised to find out the Bowman was driving. So, now, I'm a Bowman. I've raced that position on boats from 24 to 57  feet. Club racing, round the buoys racing, one design, offshore.   And yes I can drive. I drive very well. I'm one of the watch captains when we go offshore.

So, like I say, Our Bowman Can Drive.

Home pages are a little like personal advertising. But a little
anonymity goes a long way. Let's just call me "NEWPLAYER". It's a
long story. But, hey, it's my page. A long time ago, I surfed my
way onto a wonderful little home page that led me to the world of
chatting. The kind soul who maintained the page and introduced me
to her chat friends (let's call her Macy) suggested that I chose
a handle and just dive right it. After a little watching, I figured
out who she was in the group and announced my arrival as the
"NEWPLAYER" in the group. All right, it wasn't that long.

Something I like about this media is meeting new folks. In my spare
time I link to visit a couple of places to chat. It was my time at
L'Hotel Chat that got me started. From there I've found Firefly.
Both are great places, come and visit. If we get to know each well
enough, I'll tell you my real name. Sign up with Firefly and drop
me a line, or join in a chat. Come on in to the L'Hotel Chat and l
eave me a note on the Wall. Or just drop me a note.

So who is NEWPLAYER?

OK, so I've got a job, too

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