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Greetings, space traveller. I am Commander Ben, your host for this journey. Within the confines of this web page, you will experience sights and wonders the likes of which you and probably three other people have never seen before.

By entering this area, you have committed yourself to at least three seconds of massive confusion, strange contradiction, and cool graphics. Not to mention an ad, courtesy of Geocities, the venerable entity that allows me to grace your senses with the various and sundry elements that make this my web page.

So what is newobdego, you ask? Well, that's for me to know and you to take a trip to a certain West African Country (or linguistic tribe) to find out.

As for me, I am a 24 year-old Washingtonian who was supposed to show my instructor that I could create a web page, thus the birth of this little marvel.

My interests are church, family,  music, and electronics. Some day, they will also include a career in business, or perhaps the ministry.

I attend a really cool church where I am former head deacon and A/V team leader. That is basically my social life, too.

I love music, especially metal. Tourniquet, my favorite band, has a great website, with a newly  rennovated and relaunched store. Follow the
link to visit it. .

Feel free to explore this site and it's links, especially the ones to my other pages, and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Have a nice day.
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