The War on Iraq
Iraq is a big topic of discussion today and this page will try to provide all the latest information and background on what's happening. Maybe in the future I will expand this site to include more current events and topics. I am a university student so I will try to update this page as much as possible, but my time is limited and especially in the beginning it will be hard to do that.
News 9 March 2003

Summary of Events up to NOW
March has already begun and with a US led attack on Iraq seems closer and closer. Iraq has been destroying its Samoud-2 missiles which supposedly have a range bigger than the 114 km limit allowed for Iraq by the UN. The US has also accused Iraq of still having weapons of mass destruction such as biological and chemical weapons and that it is hiding them. A deadline has been set for March 17 for their destruction. Which means that we might be getting really close to war, since Iraq keeps denying that it has them and the US keeps insisting they do. There is no definite proof either way. However the US and its allies like Britain have already deployed close to a quarter of a million troops in the Gulf region ready to strike at any moment. What complicated things was the very close vote in the Turkish parliament not to allow US ground troops to attack Iraq from Turkey. The US air base in Incirlik in southern Turkey will still be a major launch point for US warplanes. It is likely also that the Parliament will reconsider and US ground troops will be allowed into Turkey. Turkey of course would want to participate in such an operation and would bring a large number of its own troops into northern Iraq, officially to stem the flow of refugees towards Turkey, but also to control the Kurds and prevent them from having their own state.
Other things that happened before this date and have led up to what is happening now are the different UN resolutions and discussions. Especially France, supported by Russia, has been strongly opposed to any war on Iraq. It wants to solve the crisis diplomatically. Connected to this was the vote in NATO where France, Germany and Belgium opposed the sending in of NATO assets into Turkey. They explained their act by saying that by sending in NATO missiles and other things would make war inevitable and they don't want war. This was probably the first time ever that any nations in NATO have opposed the US on any major issue. (except for France) Turkey immediately invoked Article 4 of the NATO Charter calling on immediate consultations between members. The crisis was solved by putting the issue into the Military Planning Committee of which France is not a member (having withdrawn in the 1960s) and the other two immediately caved in.
UN inspections in Iraq continue and haven't found anything spectacular. Several nations, especially Gulf countries, have called on Saddam to step down, which he  refused to do.
A thing which has caused quite a stir was US Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the UN showing evidence that Iraq is indeed evil and should be bombed. This has convinced some, but many people still remain sceptical, saying a lot of the things could have been fabricated or are only based on scant evidence.
Massive protests have been staged accross the world against the war on Iraq.
Archive of News
Opinion 9 March 2003

Oil? What role will it play in the Iraq conflict?
An article recently featured in Al-Ahram, an Egyptian newspaper, by one of its correspondents discusses what effects the war in Iraq will have on the prices of oil. According to the article prices of oil will rise. Many of the countries with the big reserves of oil are unstable. For example Venezuela is experiencing a crisis. The journalist even ventures as far as to surmise that the US is waiting for the situation in Venezuela to stabilise and then launch a war on Iraq. The US imports around 50% of its oil and Venezuela supplies about 15% in total. Iraq is also a major source of oil for the US. Obviously if the US would launch a war on Iraq that source will disappear and if Venezuela stops exporting at that time too it could lead to serious problems for the US economy. So the situation in Venezuala plays a huge part in determining when the war on Iraq will occur.

article in Al-Ahram Weekly-
"Bracing for the shock"
Saddam on New Year's Day 2001
News 11 March 2003

The new developments are that some countries in the UN Security Council want to extend the ultimatum period for Iraq to 40 days. In other news the US has just tested the MOAB bomb, the biggest bomb in its arsenal. The test occured today in Florida. The bomb could be used on targets in Iraq.
Analysis 15 March 2003

When will the Americans attack Iraq?

article on Yahoo -
"US May Invade Iraq Before All Troops Arrive"
News 17 March 2003

Today Bush announced an ultimatum to Iraq. Either Saddam Hussein steps down or Iraq will feel the fury of the US military. It doesn't look like that Saddam will in fact step down and many people predict war within the next few days.
News 19 March

WAR!!!!!!!!!! War on Iraq has just started!!
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