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  Gheorghi Arnaoudov
Rumen Baljozov
Petar Christoskov
Lubomir Denev
Plamen Djourov
Alexandra Fol
Konstantin Illiev
Milcho Leviev
Simeon Pironkoff
Ivan Spassov
Nikolai Stoikov
Emil Tabakov
Georgi Toutev






M.P.H. Scores

An important part of Musica Publishing House's collections is the New Music Series which represents the most important trends of nowadays Bulgarian orchestra, chamber, opera, ballet and choir music. The collections of study materials and works by Bulgarian composers like P. Wladigerov, L. Pipkov, S. Pironkoff, I. Spassov, M. Leviev, E. Tabakov, G. Arnaoudov and many others should be noted here, which were commissioned by International Music Service, New York.

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