This is the third Eyeball of the channel #newmanila(#ateneodemanila). The first one was held sometime in year 2001; the second was held last year 2002. And this time, this Eyeball was held in Viajeros along Quezon Ave. on January 11, 2003 - a great start for the year 2003! It was a success inspite of the absence of some Operators due to some unavoidable circumstances. The fun and jokes was great! More EB's will be held in the future....Thanks to all!

Ashleyboy and Buffy

Danasky and StoneDeaf

Dana, StoneDeaf and Shy`girlll

Shy`girll and FeatherLips

Shy`Girll and Semper_Liber

StoneDeaf and Shy`Girll

Cat, Jem and Isce

Semper_Liber, Dana and Isce

priyasi and Dana

FeatherLips and Friends

murderINC and Danasky

Isce and Gene

Dana and Jay

Jay while talking to Prynces


Jay and Muro_ami

Alonnah and Friend


liam and Bernard

Jay, Liam and Bernard

Jay and Bernard

murderINC and BrownGuy

the Boys

the girls

AsarNaKo is Leo

the pogi's


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