You can download the newest version of Realplayer, now known as "RealOne" from the official website.

( look for the "Download the Free RealOne Player Only" link at lower right part of webpage" )



Personally, this newest upgrade caused major "lockup" problems for my computer. This could have been because I am using an older 300mhz system, but the last version "Realplayer 8" ran fine on my computer without any "lockup" issues. I wonder if their newest version is just bloated with too many unnecessary features. I have switched back to using "Realplayer 8"

You can download older versions of Realplayer here.

for optimal performance for dial-up modem users, view the PREFERENCE settings,

then under the CONNECTION tab, select "BUFFER AT LEAST 30 SECONDS"


You will also need to open the "Playback from Web links" Settings and check "Enable instant playback"


Remember you can jump to the next song by clicking on the arrows near the Playlist Title



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