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Dear friends,


Greetings to you in the Name of the Lord! It has been a long time since the page has been updated. Things have been going well because of your prayers support through all the year! The year 2006 was very fruitful year for our Ministries in Union of Myanmar! Praise the Lord. I hope you guys all had a great year as well!

The challenge still stands "Whom Will I send, Who will go for us" ! Many souls die every day without the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. According to one research it says that every tick of a second at least Three human souls stop breathing, which mean die. And how many of people in the world die everyday without Jesus Christ! It is just to challenge you that every move we make counts for eternity! If you don't do anything today that as well counts for eternity because some people will spend eternity in hell because you and I just sit and enjoy our nice, cool, powerful preaching on Sunday services in our own Church! There's more excitement when we see someone being saved by the power of God! And you could do something to help one soul go to heaven. It is human being with whom God partners when He wants to save His people. And it is You and Me that God is longing to partner with! If God is for us who can be against us or if God is our partner who in the world is going to able to stand against us.


Let's not live for this life! Let's all live for one day, one day when the Lord will say to us, "Good and faithful servant". What a day!!


We have been praying to be able to build a church in our outreach but then there have been so many hindrances to do it so. The money for the building has been provided through our friends. Thank you Lord for it. So we have now been planning to be able to start soonest and finish it all works there. There are 70 new converts there and one missionary is living there to nurture them.

We have now learned of one Town which has 500 houses in it and there is one church in it. We will go there to explore the land soon. In March second week, I will start training of some workers with whom we will go to explore this new land. Do some prayer walks. More updates will come later on this one. For now please pray that as I train these workers they will be so empowered and inspired for missions by the Holy Spirit. Then go out to mission fields with Fire for Jesus and getting souls saved.

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May God bless you all.

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Changing Nations for Jesus


Robin Kung,

Yangon, Union of Myanmar.



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