The Best part of the whole assembly was eating    Robin Speaking at the Seminar..hmmm

Robin Speaking at Seminar AM Session           Listening to the teaching.. it is cold. .hmmm.

Praise and Worship was great there under the sun     Robin on the stage. you have to sit there..arrrk..

At the main service                                                the beautiful mountain in Chin State. wanna go?

friends since we were very young who went with                 Robin feels really cold but want to take photo

me to Chin Sate, they became Christians after I got back to Myanmar from Philippines. PTL

Robin being introduced.                                             Praising God with what we call "acting song"

at the service                                                                 See this? Pork, they're giving to who eat there. arrrkkk..

Rev.Dr. Khe Kung, my Dad giving instructions to those who will get water baptism

Our Ford 1978, takes us everywhere in this village.  The villagers walking toward the water about 30 Mins.

He's thinking that he'll be in the water for about 1hr.    She is thinking, "if I can be in for 1 hour".hhmm

wondering what we'd do at the first service.               The first worship service.

at the service. listening to the songs.                            After water Baptism Celebration.

The first worship service. Tthey're looking at me...         This is also after water baptism.

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Thank you and may the Lord bless you

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