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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a system, currently in use by over 1,200 farms in the U.S., which helps sustain small farms, builds community and gives people a connection to their food source. CSA offers produce that is fresh, nutritious, affordable and chemical-free. 

Families and individuals become CSA members by providing an annual financial commitment to cover the farm's costs. In return, they receive a weekly selection of the farm's produce. Members share the risks and rewards of farming such as weather and bumper crops.  

CSA brings together community members and farmers in a relationship of mutual support that ensures the survival of local agriculture.


Who We Are & How We Grow

Elizabeth Wood, the farmer, uses the best possible growing methods for protecting human health and the environment. No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used. No genetically modified crops are grown. You are encouraged to call and/or visit the farm for more information about production methods.

CSA members get their food within 24 hours of when it's harvested. Crop varieties are selected for flavor and climate suitability, not shipping ability and shelf life. This creates exceptional taste and nutritional value.

CSA members join the farm before the growing season begins. Members then come to the farm once a week, from late May through early November, during CSA pick-up times (Monday or Thursday 3:30-6:30) to get a share of the produce that is in season.

A CSA share is meant to feed two adults or a family with young children. Unless you live alone, we do not recommend splitting a share with another household.

Other benefits of being a CSA member include pick-your-own cut flowers, herbs and extra vegetables. There is also a harvest supper, a monthly farm newsletter with recipes, and optional farm work days.

On a visit to the farm you might stop to feed the Nigerian Dwarf goats, swap recipes with other members, cut your own herbs and flowers or just grab your veggies and run.

Seasonal Highlights:

The New Leaf CSA grows over 35 different vegetables as well as flowers, herbs and melons. Each week you'll receive a diverse mix of those crops that are in season. While this list does not include everything, these are some of the expected highlights:

Late MAY JUNE:  Mesclun mix, asparagus, succulent greens for salad and stir fry, radishes and peas.

JULY:  Baby beets, crisp carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, green beans, and herbs. By late July, if we're lucky, we'll have tomatoes..

AUGUST:  The July crops continue and peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and corn* all arrive.

SEPTEMBER:  Cool nights invite the return of early greens, while warm days keep the August crops coming. 

OCTOBER - early NOVEMBER:  Potatoes, leeks, winter squash, pumpkins, carrots, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Frost ends the summer vegetables, while improving the flavor of those remaining. 

* Sweet corn is from other local organic farms, all other vegetables are our own.


Here's What New Leaf CSA Members are Saying:

"I love mesclun mix, fresh flowers, all the basil I could make into pesto and all the fresh veggies.

 --  Ellen Martyn

Each pick-up is like Christmas morning: what great new vegetable will we try this week?"

Tammy McNamara

It's a rare treat these days to know exactly where, how and by whom our food is grown."

Robin Macy

I love the variety of fresh-picked, organic vegetables that I receive every week during the season."

Vern Grubinger, professor of agriculture, Univ. of Vermont, Brattleboro

Picking up my veggies became something I looked forward to. I ate healthier!

Kelly Fadden


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