Bali og Jawa over 100 Ha.


Investor i en af hans 16 Teak Plantager


Kubutambahan Bali


Investor i en 5 år gammel Teak Plantage på Bali

Jatisari Jawa


55 Ha. Teak Plantage i et område på Jawa

Bungkulan Bali


11,35 Ha. Teak Plantage i et område på Bali



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6 Year Old Teak Plantation

Teak Plantation in Bali


Bali Agro start in Jawa


Teak Plantation after 1,5 Year in Jawa


With the Higst Priority of Safety for Your Investment (Your Ownership) Don’t be depending on Wood supplier’s and price’s for Teak Wood, become an owner of your own Teak Plantation and decide even when it's financial best to log


Indonesia has had Teak forests on Jawa since the 14th century, the first guided Teak Plantations were planted over 200 years ago. This provides expertise and experience that is reassuring for your Investment


Come and Visit the Teak Plantation and we can talk Business


INDONESIA, one of the first Country's in the World there make "MANAGEMENT TEAK PLANTATION", nearly two hundreds years ago, INDONESIA have today with "KULTUR JARINGAN" (TEAK CLONING) maked a High Quality Fast Growing Teak Cultur.  Indonesia have today 31% of all Teak Plantation in the World, Teak Investment Indonesia offer you the possibility to make Investment in one of the most Interesting and Profitable Wood in the World "TEAK". You will help to make the Reforesting in the World effectiv, Safe the Miljo, give Work to the People in  the Plantation Area.and give your self one of the most profitable and Safe Investment in the World today.

High Profit Investment with Ownership !


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