Answer Key

A couple of months ago, a link to a parliamentary procedure quiz was put onto this website. If you haven't taken the quiz yet, click here to access it and come back with your results.

Below are the questions and answers:

Question #1: What is the lowest ranking motion?

Answer: Main Motion

Question #2: What is the motion you use to kill a main motion?

Answer: Postpone Indefinitely

Question #3: What is Article III of the bylaws?

Answer: Membership

Question #4: What is the highest governing document?

Answer: Articles of Incorporation

Question #5: What happens if a secondary amendment to strike out from a primary amendment to strike out is adopted?

Answer: The words are kept in the motion

Question #6: Robert's Rules of Order is the only parliamentary authority (True/False)

Answer: False

Question #7: Which of the following requires a 2/3s vote? 

Answer: Limit/Extend Debate; Previous Question

Question #8: What does "Fix Time To Which To Adjourn" do?

Answer: It fixes the time of an adjourned meeting.

Question #9: Select the three basic processes of an amendment.

Answer: Strike out, Insert, Add

Question #10: Is a second necessary after debate has already begun?

Answer: No