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The Inn in a Nutshell

The Inn is a free-membership chat/role-playing room hosted by role players from IWT WBS at World Broadcasting System. The setting is a country inn located on a magical node that protects The Inn from permanent damage and automatically replenishes food and drink. Because of that, there is no permanent bartender, and food, drinks, and rooms are free.

Magical portals near and around the inn allow for a variety of characters from a wide variety of gaming systems. You may run into anything from elves and dragons to Shadowrunners, Garou, or Dead Boys who have fallen through the portal into our world! Because of this, no specific gaming system is really used. The dice roller is available, but using it is strictly up to you and your partner!

During the years of play in this setting, many landmarks have sprung up around The Inn, including an abandoned rose garden, an orchard, cliffs, and almost any other setting that players needed. The Map deliberately does not attempt to be to scale or to specify more than very vague directions so players can use the settings at their own discretion or ignore them completely!

For more information on the setting and gaming mores, please visit the full homepage.

This is an open chat forum. While the hosts try to keep it a friendly environment for younger players with a PG-13 rating, we do not assume responsibility for the content of the chat; that is the responsiblity of the individuals posting. Please remember that minors will probably be present and post accordingly!


Click HERE to go directly to our current host.

All rules listed here are in addition to those listed in the host site's AUP:


While we prefer that pictures do not exceed 200X300 pixel size or any reasonable combination leading to that for those of us with slower connections, any pictures that are over 350 pixels on any side will automatically be shown as a link due to the coding of the rooms. No blinking or animated pictures, please! Pictures containing sexually explicit positions or exposed sexual organs are not permitted.


Profanity is totally unacceptable in a handle or tag and in out of character (OOC) speech. While it may be used sparingly in IC (in character) writing, please do so tastefully. There are ways to use explicit language without actually spelling it out as such. You may use abbreviations. Sh't ... and so forth. If you haven't heard it on U.S. network TV, don't use it here. Using a foul word as an exit post will result in an automatic 24 hour ban.


Behave respectfully towards each other, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Be tolerant of other players! If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, and don't critique a game unless you're actively involved in it. If an OOC arguement should erupt, don't jump in. Asking them to take it to PM and/or contact staff is the best way to handle this. Everyone is here to have fun, and while some folks' gaming style may differ greatly from yours, telling them you consider their character or story lame or stupid only creates hurt feelings. It doesn't change anyone's style of play, and just results in an arguement that disturbs everyone else's game. When in doubt, please ask a more experienced player, check further here in the Guidebook, or email the inn. Use the Ignore feature instead of arguing with another player.

Whatever should transpire between Characters, the Players should show basic respect to one another, refraining from OOC name calling, insults or unwelcome criticism concerning Role Play style or knowledge. We must all understand that this is just a game and meant to be played In Character. If a Character is rude or combatant towards your character it is not meant as a personal reflection of his/her feelings towards you. If you feel another player is being unfair with his/her role play, rather than disrupt the Role Playing enviroment with OOC arguements or name calling, please take any disputes to PM's or a private room. Also, if you are unable to settle dispute you may ask for someone to mediate.


Bans will occur fron time to time. Depending on the events, one warning may be Private, after which the offender will be removed quietly. All bans can be appealed by mailing the inn. If you understand reason for the ban and would expect another to be banned for the same behavior, please do not mail. Appeals are for border line cases of a judgement call. Bans can be repealed based on reasonable explanations or if ban was not earned.


Lord Kentinal is currently hosting The Inn.

We do not want to create a 'staff vs. players atmosphere', so his other aides are not listed per se. If he is not available to answer questions, please post a question to the room as other regs (regulars or vetrans) might be present and more than willing to answer or help. If that doesn't help, you may also mail inquiries and problems to [email protected].

If you are having problems with the homepages, please send mail there as well!



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