June 12, 2004

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2004 battle won by Danny Jensen from New Zealand, folowed buy Brock Midgley and Kieran Deans(both from NSW). Showed a Great turnout, skaters from Wang, Brizzy, Syd, The odd few from Newcastle, Weather was great, some awsome tricks were pulled off,
fullcab misfit from leon collins
Fakie 720 from brock midgley
bs royale 450 drop from danny
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Newcastle Skate Battle 2: Saturday November 20th!

Newcastle Skate Battle 2, BATTLE MY STATE

ok, everything is settled. NSB2, BMS is going to be held on the 20th of november, rain hail or shine(if its raining, we can hopefully get Slam Factory indoor Skatepark.

There will most probabily be an entry fee for the comp, and all money from the entries will go straight to the winner of the open division.

Here is a little flyer i made up, the pic is by brendan cooke([email protected])

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