Rex Allan Krebs
The Face of Evil
Rex Allan Krebs had a shady past many years before he committed the murders of Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford. Rex was from an abusive family. His childhood was very unstable. He suffered abuse from his real father, and then again from his step dad. One instance of clear abuse was when Rex was sent to school wearing a diaper when he was nearly six years old for wetting the bed the night before.

In 1987 there was two brutal rapes. The victims had been attacked at night while they slept. Rex had crawled through a window at night to get to his prey. He was sent to prison in 1987 for these two rapes. He was released 10 years early for good behavior. It was found that he did not seek attention for his psycho impulses for fear the other imates would kill him. Krebs should never have been released from his sentence early, or possibly ever.

Many residents of San Luis Obispo California were angered by the fact that two more ladies died at the hands of a repeat sex offender. How do we stop this from happening again? There are several actions that can be taken. I am putting this information on this page, because this case upsets me as well. There must be something done to protect our communities from these predators.

There are now online databases in your area that include registered sex offenders. You should consider looking these up from time to time to see what is living near your home. Another step you can take is to write to your congress about passing laws to monitor these people more closely. Your voice counts.

Rex is now on San Quentin's Death Row awaiting execution, but there are others just like Krebs who are out on the streets right now. It's our job as the community to help stop these people. Take the necessary steps to begin the process today.
Photos inside the deserted house where Rex Allen Kreb committed the murders of Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford
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