Aundria Crawford prepared for bed on March 11, 1999. She had no idea that a released sex offender had been stalking her for several days now. Aundria went to bed but was awoken by her cat who had made a loud shrill. Aundria got up to check on the cat because the cat had just had surgery and she was unsure if the cat was sick. She opened the bathroom door in her condo to complete horror. A man standing with his face masked with pantyhose began to attack her. He had crawled through the small bathroom window. The man knocked Aundria unconscious just as he did Rachel Newhouse a few months earlier.

He tied a pillow case around Aundria's head, grabbed a few of her personal items, and then left the condo. Aundria would now become the second college student to become missing within 5 months in San Luis Obispo. Police would try to assure the community that things were alright, but fear had spread across the town.
Aundria was kept alive for at least 24 hours after she was abducted. She was raped and tortured several times throughout this time she was kept alive.  Aundria Crawford never knew Rachel Newhouse. They were only linked due to this brutal crime.

On a hunch, Rex Krebsí parole officer paid him a visit. He felt as if these two disappearances could be related to the newly released sex offender Rex Allan Krebs. A search of the Krebs residence turned up an eight ball keychain that was missing from the Aundria Crawford residence. Krebs would finally admit that he had abducted both Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford.
The jury found Krebs guilty of both murders. He was sentenced to die by lethal injection. He now awaits his death on California's San Quentin Death Row.
Krebs claims he has no reason for why he committed these brutal crimes, but he goes on to say that he is very sorry for any pain he's caused the victim's families.
The bathroom window in Aundria's condo that Rex Kreb climbed through that fateful night.
Photo of crime scene evidence. Aundria's pillow cases had been taken from her condo along with several other items on the night of her abduction.
Actual photo of the key chain that was stolen from Aundria Crawford and found in Rex Krebs residence.
Photo of the missing flier for Aundria Crawford that was often seen on the same pole with Rachel Newhouse because both ladies were missing at the same time.
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