You walk through a dark wood, the deep green moss spungy beneath your feet, the path walled in by immense tree trunks, gnarled and ancient.  Their long branches reach out to the life-giving sun, their huge leaves allowing sparse sunlight to filter to the forest floor.

  Tiny creatures skitter left and right , and the air is filled with the call of songbirds.   As you breathe in, you smell the damp moss, and the fragrant blossoms of many flower-bearing plants.  You notice bushes bent under the weight of berries and the prints of forest-dwelling animals, leading to a bubbling brook, as you continue along the path.

   At times you are forced to clamber up slick, moss covered walls, and the thick underbrush tugs at your clothes.  You are careful to avoid the twisted trees. 

   Finally, you climb over one last rocky ridge, the highest one so far.  Your reach the top and realise you've been exploring the upper regions of a mountain range.  Above you, on the highest peaks, snow glitters, while below rivers branch off in sparkling ribbons of blue into a lush, green valley.

   Suddenly, you are overcome with a wonderful feeling, a feeling of coming home after a long journey...

::Welcome to New Hope Holt...::
       ::What's New With the Site?::

-Okay, I know that lately I haven't been updating the site. I've been very busy, sorry!  I'm slowly going to be working my way through the CISs. So please be as patient with me as possible.  As soon as I'm done the CISs and the site is up and running, we hope to get more members.
-We also wouldn't mind some artwork or fanfic, please sent some in:)
-Done Lionsong and Foxhunter's CIS. Going to work on Seabird and Blackbird's next.

::What's New in the RPG?::

-Nighmare has captured Lionsong and Tallgrass.  Wildfire and Darkhawk are now returning.
-Wildfire and Kenayor secretly Recognized!
-Tallgrass and Firestorm have also just Recognized! There will be cubs running around soon:)
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