Newhope Holt's History
Newhopeholt first came into existence about 8000 years ago, founded by Lionsong's great-great grandfather, Pathbreaker.

He and his tribe had been nearly wiped out be the deadly plague which had suddenly and mysteriously sprung up among the elven tribes of the area, and had fled, hoping to find sanctuary in a new holt.

When he and his kin arrived in the area, they immediately formed a bond with the dragons who lived there already.  The relationship has been beneficial to both groups ever since.

The chiefs since Pathbreaker have all been born of recognition. They were: Blacksnow, Whitewing, Plainsrunner and Lionsong's father, Firelight.

There has been very little contact with trolls since the tribe changed location, and none with humans.   The only other elfin tribe they knew of was Meadowsweet's, who were also tragically killed.

There has been peace and happiness among the elves of Newhope for several generations, bet that cannot last forever.  The plague has no natural explaination, and no one has yet found a source, or a cure...
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