Flora and Fauna
The Dragons are found throughout the landscape where-ever they would like to dwell, but generally with elves. 

There is also a small colleny of gryphons who live in the mountain range just north of the elves' home.  The elves have tried, so far to keep mostly out of contact with them, although there have been no signs that the grphons may be hostile.

Only fauna with special properties are listed to save space.


-Click toes-small hoofed deer
-Branch Horn-elk like creatures
-Tree Horn-Moose like creatures
-White Tails- tiny swift deer normally found in pairs
-Tree Wees-lemur like big eyes creatures
-Ravvits or Rabbits
-Bears-brown and black, generally solitary unless raising cubs
-Foxes-silver and red
-Long Tooth-wild cats, like sabre tooth tigers
-Fishercats-Ocelot like creatures with a love for water
-Otters and other water creatures
-Frogs, lizards and assorted insects
-Snakes- poisonous and non-poisonous
-Birds-everything from Raptors to sparrows
-Mice and other rodents
-Boars and Wildpigs
-Sword foot-velociraptor like creatures, very intelligent but rare
-Quietdeath-fruit tree, poisonous if eaten
-Fern flowers-beautiful but poisonous
-Whistling leaves-cures fevers
-Bitterbark trees-antidote to many poisons
-Glow moss- give off faint light

Dessert and Grassland

-Ponies-small and hardy
-Finback-dinosaur like creatures
-Shaghide-buffalo creatures
-Springstep-antelope type things
-Insects and spiders and assorted critters
-Burrowers-groundhogs and their kin
-Cactus-can be used to get water
-Grab foot-like stangle weed but less deadly
-Strangle weed-semi-living plant
-Blueflowers-chime in the wind
-Grains, tall waving grasses
-Bullrushes-eaten in times of famine
-Oil berries, disguise scent


-Curlhorn sheep
-Pronghorn sheep
-Moutain cats
-assorted wilflowers
-Small trees and shrubs

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