Ministry to Missionaries...
New Hope Counseling Center is dedicated to promoting the Gospel through providing professional Counseling and Family Life Education endeavors to missionaries and mission work.  New Hope Counseling Center provides specific services for missionaries.
Educational Seminars- Marriage enrichment, family life, parenting, divorce recovery, divorce mediation, blended family, stress management, anger management, organizational systems, priorities and goals setting, leadership, conflict, genograms, happiness, self esteem, sex education for teen, domestic violence, and others.
Missionaries Seeking Therapeutic Help- Often missionary boards will do psychological evaluations of missionaries before they go on the mission field.   Issues often need to be dealt with before the missionaries can go to the field. Sometimes because of the crises in the field missionaries will need counseling.  New Hope can help with the relationship issues, cultural transitions, crises, re-entry, and childrens' issues.
Missionary Transitions-New Hope Counseling Center can help missionaries with the stages of transitions in their missionary life cycle. What is involved in these transitions?  First, transitions represent an ending.  Most people try to ignore endings by acting as if they can go through a transition without coming to terms with what is left behind.  The second aspect of transitions is that they carry people into a wilderness period--nothing is firmly in place, a time when the pervasive feeling is a sense of loss.  Persons are no longer who they were and they are not yet who they will be.  They are not sure who they are.  Third, after the first two transitions are dealt with then people can start a new beginning.  Things fall into place and the way into the future becomes clear.  Awareness of the new beginning may come as we realize that there is more order than chaos, more power to act than feelings of helplessness, more acceptance of self and the world than self-doubt and self-contempt, thus...   NEW HOPE
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