Ministry to Churches...
New Hope Counseling Center believes its ministry is to help in building up the Kingdom of God. It is a ministry that focuses on providing professional Counseling and Family Life Education to the community of Knoxville and the surrounding area. There are several ways New Hope Counseling Center can help churches.
Education Seminars; Marriage enrichment, family life, parenting, divorce recovery, divorce mediation, blended family, stress management, anger management, organizational systems, priorities and goals setting, leadership, conflict, genograms, happiness, self esteem, sex education for teen, domestic violence, and others.
Family issues; Child rearing, adolescent problems, parenting styles, marital problems, communication issues, sex therapy, intimacy issues, value issues, priorities and goals issues, transitions in life, divorce mediation, blended family issues, domestic violence, and others.
Individual issues; Spiritual, emotional, behavioral, rational thinking problems, depression, fear, guilt, shame, dysfunctions, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexual addictions and pornography, sexual issues/dysfunction, anger, anxiety, and panic issues, obsessions and compulsions, low self esteem, identity issues, career issues, financial issues, disassociation issues, eating disorders, post addiction issues, loss and grief difficulties, crisis intervention, pre-marital counseling, and others.
Counseling Services; From time to time we have clients that need financial assistance with their counseling needs. Many churches in the area have established funds to help their members with counseling costs. While we feel clients should bear the burden of most of the financial responsibility, if they cannot afford this burden often churches feel led by God to help members with some of this cost. Would you, as a church, be willing to pay a portion of a member's counseling expenses? Often the church member will pay one-half of the weekly fee and the church will pay the remainder. Sometimes the church will limit the number of sessions they will pay for. There may be exceptional cases where the client cannot pay or can pay only $5 of $10 per session. If some people can pay only $25 a session, they may consider seeing an intern that we have at New Hope Counseling Center.
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