New Hope Foundation
Have you noticed there are a lot of people in this world that are hurting and suffering emotional pain?  The sad fact is that most of these people also do not have enough money to pay for the counseling help they need.  New Hope Foundation was established to help people in emotional pain and crisis that do not have money to pay for therapy . You can help people who are hurting by contributing to the ministry of New Hope Foundation.
New Hope Foundation is a nonprofit Christian outreach of New Hope Counseling Center.  The Foundation provides free Christian counseling to people who cannot afford to pay for therapy.  The Foundation also provides free Christian group therapy to the community of Knoxville and surrounding counties.  Christian group therapy focuses on the following issues: grief, single parenting, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, children of divorce, divorce recovery, family, marriage enrichment, premarital counseling, and their issues.  The Foundation also provides free educational opportunities to schools, churches, and the community-at-large.  These educational opportunities focus on the following: violence in the schools, violence in the home, anger management, conflict management, what is a healthy family, the family, parenting seminars and other educational topics.
The Foundation cannot accomplish any of these goals without your help.  The Foundation of New Hope Counseling Center needs our offering for provisions of the above-mentioned services.  By giving a gift to New Hope Foundation you help in presenting Christ to individuals and the community who are suffering emotional pain.
Opportunities of Giving
When you contribute to New Hope Fundation, the following process happens.  If you give to the general fund, these monies go into the New Hope Foundation.  Their funds will be drawn upon as needed by New Hope Counseling Center to provide the following services: individual therapy, group therapy, or educational endeavors.
You may choose to designate or channel your giving.  You may designate that money for use as individual therapy, group therapy, educational endeavors, or the general fund.
Please help us share the love of Christ by supporting this ministry.  Satan wants people to believe that nothing can help them or families.  Satan wants people to believe that a difference cannot be made in this world.  Help us build the Kingdom of God through counseling and family life education.
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