The counseling center is available to everyone.
Many times people feel a need for assistance with life's problems but do not know where to turn. The counseling center exists to meet those needs. As therapists we have prepared ourselves professionally and spiritually to be able to help others through difficult times.
How therapy works:
Those involved in the therapeutic process is a decision that you will discuss with your therapist. Your therapy may be entirely one-on-one. If you are married, your spouse and/or children will sometimes be invited to become involved in the sessions. In some counseling situations we may utilize a co-therapist situation. In some unique situations it may be necessary to refer you to another therapist. Parents may be invited into a session with a child if the therapist deems necessary. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective way to address the problems that have brought you here.
How to make an appointment:
Please call the counseling center at (865) 579-9814. You will speak to one of the therapists or leave a message and a therapist will return your call as soon as possible. We will try to set an appointment at a convenient time for you. Please advise the office of cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment or you will be billed for the appointment. Each session will last approximately 50 minutes.
Client's Rights:
All clients have rights with respect to their counseling. These include:
The right to ask questions about your therapy. Your therapist will explain his or her approach and methods used.
The right to end therapy at any time.
The right to specify and negotiate therapeutic goals and to renegotiate them when necessary.
The right to be fully informed about the fees and method of payment.
We recognize the personal nature of information revealed in therapy and respect the confidentiality of every client. The information from the sessions will remain confidential, with the following exceptions:
If you reveal you have recently harmed or you intend to harm yourself and/or others.
If you are sent to therapy by order of a court of law then the results of the treatment may be revealed to the court.
Should any of the above situations occur, your therapist will inform you of his/her legal responsibilities and actions.
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