Areas of assistance we offer:
Individual issues- spiritual, emotional, behavioral,  rational thinking problems, depression, fear, guilt, shame, dysfunctions, sexual abuse,  physical abuse, sexual addictions and pornography, sexual issues/dysfunction, anger, anxiety, and panic issues, obsessions and compulsions, low self esteem, identity issues, career issues, financial issues, disassociation issues, eating disorders, post addiction issues, etc.
Family issues-
child rearing, adolescent problems, parenting styles, marital problems, communication issues, sex therapy, intimacy issues, value issues, priorities and goals issues, transitions in life, divorce mediation, blended family issues, domestic violence, etc.
Crisis intervention-
suicidal issues, trauma issues, hopelessness.
Loss/grief difficulties-
death, illness, divorce, aging, functioning problems, etc.
marriage enrichment seminar, family life seminar, parenting seminar, divorce recovery seminar, divorce mediation seminar, blended family seminar, stress management seminar, anger management seminar, organizational systems seminar, priorities and goals setting seminar, leadership seminar, conflict seminar, genogram seminar, happiness seminar, self esteem seminar, sex education for teens seminar, domestic violence seminar, etc.
Pre-marital counseling
Supervision of therapists and/or supervisors-
individual, group, live supervision, training, A.A.M.F.T. supervision class, etc.
businesses, individuals, churches, church mediation, ministers, etc.
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