Our new home in Grocka
Our new home is situated near the village of Grocka, 25 km from Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
We hope to permanently move there in 2007. So far we have visited only 3 times, for 2-3 weeks at a time. We enjoyed every moment there, great views over River Danube, in area well known for its vine yards and orchards.
We are planing to renovate and re-decorate house once we are there. At the moment it is enough comfy for short stays. We will keep you updated with our progress!
Our house in May 2006.
and surrounding countryside...
Our house...
The ground floor
of our new home consists of a garage, studio with a small tiled kitchen area, laundry room and a small bathroom with a shower.
On the first floor there is a big open plan kitchen/dining area/lounge, pantry and entrance foyer with toilet.
On the second floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The total living area is 180 m2.
The plot is 1000 m2 and has some grape vines and fruit trees (cherries, plum, fig, apples and pears).
Garage is spacious, about 40 m2. We will tile it and then decide what to use it for. We are thinking to convert  it  into a small apartment with bathroom and tea kitchen and use it as a family/ guest room.
Next to the garage is a studio with kitchenette and small bathroom. We are planing to open double doors towards garden instead of the present windows.
On the first floor there is a foyer, toilet, back kitchen/pantry room and a huge dining/lounge area  with 2 double doors opening towards a big terrace that goes around the house. The entrance and pantry need complete re-decoration, and we will install a new open plan kitchen.
The staircase leads to the second floor where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The main bedroom has an exit to a nice spacious balcony where we like to sit  in the evening.
We spiced up our bedroom a bit with Morrocan bedside tables and lights!
Panoramic view of Danube from our balcony
Tasting the good life...
So, here we are...chilling between two cherry trees in "lezaljka" (hammock) and making barbeque, as known as "rostilj". We prepared pork fillets, known as "bela vesalica" and scewers made of chicken pieces rolled in bacon with cheese inside, known as "pileci raznjic".
We ate it with Serbian flat bread called "somun" and a typical Serbian salad - tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and peppers.
Hopefully, next year we will grow are own tomatoes, cucumbers and onions! Yes, yes, and aubergines, courgette, peppers...
We will plant apricot tree as well...I love apricots.
In September when we plan our next visit we hope that some grapes and figs will wait for us!
Hugs for all our friends and families.
Devric and Natasha
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