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Welcome! Iím Nuttzy, the author of PK Tool Kit (PKTK).  It allows you to see what other players in Diablo2 are wearing and some of the playersí attributes. It works on both open and closed battle net.

11/23/01 - Fixes for v1.2 bugs

What the hell is wrong with me??  v1.2c fixes the bugs from v1.2 and v1.2b.  I *think* this will get everything back to normal!  Check out the  Down Load section

11/22/01 - GrabIt v1.2 released! - Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Works with 1.09c of D2, get it from my Down Load section.  This version doesnít really include anything different from v1.1.  Sorry itís taken me a bit to get this fixed, but I do have something new coming soon!  ;-)  Oh, and look, I went over 100,000 hits on my site today!

11/21/01 - H2k releases Item Grabber v4.3

For all you fans of Hello2k1ís Item Grabber, he has released version 4.3.  It has some cool features.  Check it out here.

11/19/01 - New GrabIt coming soon

Iím aware that GI doesnít work with the new patch 1.09c.  This should be pretty easy to fix as soon as I get a little time.  I should have something out there this week.

11/9/01 - Work Resumes on PKTK!

I just picked up where I left off on PKTK a loooong time ago!  I think I have all the pieces of the puzzle, so hopefully wonít be too long before I get something out there!

10/5/01 - GrabIt v1.1 released!!

Many improvements and new features!  Go GrabIt from my Down Load section.

10/4/01 - Where have I been?

I have not been around at all since 9/11.  My priorities shifted greatly and I had no time or desire to tend to my hobby.  I am back now, but will be putting in far less time in the for a while.

8/28/01 - GrabIt v1.0 released!!

Finally!  Head over to my Down Load section and download my new GrabIt program.  GrabIt detects items that drop or come within range of your mini-map.  Depending upon the desirability of the item and distance away from you, the item will automatically be picked up.  It is so fast other players may never even see the item drop!

8/19/01 - Iím still here ;)

I havenít posted a news update in a while, so Iím just letting folks know Iím still here.  Iím just about done working on GrabIt, and will return to the item viewer soon.  Check my forums!

7/25/01 - Forums Added!

Got a question?  Want the latest news on PKTK?  Or maybe your just looking for a place to hang out?  Welcome to my forums!  Just click the ďForumsĒ button on the menu.

7/22/01 - Status Report

Just wanted to give an update.  I currently have PKTK displaying items again and I need to do some more work on decoding the attributes.  However, Iíve gotten a bit sidetracked lately, working on another project.  Its an item grabber called GrabIt! and will also be a part of PKTK (its a tool kit after all).


11/22/01 - My sites passes 100,000 hits on Thanksgiving Day!
10/05/01 - GrabIt! v1.1 released
8/28/01 - GrabIt! v1.0 released
7/06/01 - Source code to memory reader released
6/19/01 - D2 v1.08 released and obsoletes PKTK
6/19/01 - Version 1 completed but not released
5/25/01 - Beta 3.0 released
5/18/01 - Beta2.2 released
5/17/01 - Source code to sniffing portion  of code released
5/16/01 - Beta2 released
5/14/01 - Beta1 released

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