Lucas Jones

Lucas Jones Basic Facts:

Biological Father & Mother: Julian Jerome & Cheryl Stansbury (both deceased)

Adopted Father & Mother: Tony Jones(deceased) & Bobbie Spencer

Siblings: Sisters (through adoption): B.J. Jones (deceased); Carly Roberts Nephew (through adoption): Michael Morgan Uncles (through adoption): Luke Spencer; Frisco Jones 1st cousins (through adoption): Maxie Jones; Georgie Jones; Lucky Spencer; Lesley Lu Spencer

Lucas Jones played by Ben Hogestyn

Ben Hogestyn replaced Ryan during the stalker storyline as Lucas Jones and recieved his own interesting storyline. It was later revealed that Lucas is really gay. He confronted Bobbie about it after he told his friends. Georgie was the first one to know and later came clean to Dillon, Maxie, and Jesse when he was attacked by a guy because he was gay. Luke played an important role in Lucas' life.

During the epidemic, Lucas' father Tony got ill and their had their first and last on screen scenes. After Tony's death, Maxie gets sick and begs Lucas to take her to BJ's grave, so she can die in with her. Lucas takes her to the grave and Lucky shows up in time to rush her back to the hositpal. Lucas continues to struggle with being gay but Guy helps him through it. Once, it seems like Guy and Lucas are on the same page, they disappear away from Port Charles.

Lucas Jones played by Ryan Carnes

From July 8, 2004 to 2005 Ryan Carnes played Lucas Jones. He came back and was placed into the teen storyline with Brooke Lynn, Dillon, and Georgie. He stayed close to Georgie and helped her through some rough times with Dillon. However, Lucas started to like Brooke Lynn. They started dating, when suddenly Diego showed up. For a while Lucas left the show but then reappeared during the stalker storyline and was accused of being the stalker.

Lucas Jones played by C.J Thomason

From December 24, 2002 until the July 2003 C.J played Lucas Jones. He continued to have feelings for Maxie but she didn't return his feelings. However, they enjoyed getting into trouble togehter. Maxie started liking another guy named Kyle. Once, Lucas found out that she was with him he felt heartbroken. Later, he goes to see Georgie and kisses her. However, later he tells her that he doesn't like her that way.

However, Lucas does invite Georgie to Prom and she's super excited. She has plans of her own to sleep with him but Maxie and Dillon have plans of their own. Maxie tricks Lucas into kissing her when Georgie oversees. She's heartbroken and storms out. Lucas confronts Maxie about what happen and she tells him it was the best for Georgie. His last scene was in July when he told Georgie that she'll always be like a little sister to him.

Lucas Jones played by Evan Bonifant

From August 2002 to December 18, 2002 Evan played Lucas Jones. His main storyline was with Maxie and Georgie. He witnessed Maxie and Georgie being kidnapped by Luis Alcazar and was mad at Roy because he was the reason they were kidnapped. He started hanging out with Maxie more while Georgie developed a crush on him. We also find out that Lucas has a learning disorder and Georgie helps him with his school work.


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