Parents: Unknown

Twin Sister: Shannon

Age: 18

Kyle appeared on the show first when Maxie liked him, however after she changed her mind to not have sex with him, he lied to everyone and told them that he did have sex with her.

Recently he has apolizes to Maxie but is planning on having sex with her on camera. He got Maxie to sleep with him on webcam and embarssed her serveral more times but Kyle has kind of realize that he has feelings for Maxie.

During the summmer, Maxie and Kyle got together. He told her they were magic. Then on day Kyle convince Maxie to steal some drugs from the hositpal. She agreed and took them. Both of them got high at the park. Maxie went back to her house, running into Dillion & Georgie about ready to have sex when she comes right in looking for something. Georgie made a comment about her bad behaviors which could regret B.J's heart. Maxie breaks down. That night Kyle comforts Maxie by making love to her.

Later, Kyle finds out about Maxie's heart transplant at the hositpal. He tells Maxie that she shouldn't change, it's people like him and Zach that need to. His last scene was when he went to the police station with Maxie because he saw Faith run around Elizabeth. Maxie told him that telling the police was the right thing to do. Kyle was then written off the show.

Birthday: July 9, 1982

The Caretaker (2007) (post-production) .... Topher

"Life Is Wild" (2007) TV Series .... Jesse Weller (unknown episodes)

"Vanished" .... Chad Rainer (1 episode, 2006)

- Before the Flood (2006) TV Episode .... Chad Rainer

"Criminal Minds" .... Jeremy Collins (1 episode, 2006)

- Somebody's Watching (2006) TV Episode .... Jeremy Collins

"CSI: NY" .... Dalton (1 episode, 2005)

- Manhattan Manhunt (2005) TV Episode .... Dalton

Homefront (2005) .... Robert Buckley

"CSI: Miami" .... Daniel Kleiner (1 episode, 2004)

- Murder in a Flash (2004) TV Episode .... Daniel Kleiner

"What I Like About You" .... Bike Messenger (1 episode, 2004)

- Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends (2004) TV Episode ....

Bike Messenger

"General Hospital" (1963) TV Series .... Kyle Radcliffe (unknown episodes, 2003)

Three Wishes (2003)

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