Jesse Beaudry

Arrived in Port Charles: June 2005 and died March 31, 2006 at the ageof 23.

Parents: Unknown. Had an older brother who died and a older sister.

Job: Undercover Cop

Girlfriend: Maxie

Jesse came to Port Charles when Durrant was shot. Everyone thought that he was the one who did it but he said he was frame. Hiding out in the hositpal, he runs into Maxie's room and they become friends. She believes that he's innocent and tries to help him. As he trying to escape, he gets shot and finds Georgie who then takes him to Maxie. He went on the run with Maxie as they both were trying to prove his innocence.

While Maxie and Jesse prove Jesse's innocence and become a couple. However, Mac walks in on them in bed and kicks Maxie out of the house. Jesse gets a new assignment when Maxie and Brooke Lynn get drugged at the Pizza Shack. He goes undercover as a college student at PC University to find the stalker. He took his job very seriously as he was figuring out who was the PC Stalker. Later, it was revealed the Diego was the stalker.

Maxie and Jesse's relationship grew closer but during the stalker investagation it seemed that Brooke Lynn started to like Jesse. Maxie wasn't happy about this but Jesse told her that she was the one he loved on her birthday.

Jesse became Lucky's partners as he enjoying being a cop. However, one night at the park while protecting Diego from a gun man he got shot in the head. On March 31, 2006 Jesse died when Patrick Drake tried to perform surgery but died on the table.

Marraccini grew up in Poland, Ohio, a small town about an hour southeast of Cleveland.

Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV Guest Appearances

Actor - filmography

Believers Among Us (2005) .... Danny Miller

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill (2004) .... Jerry

Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV Guest Appearances

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"Clubhouse" playing "Johnny" in episode: "Trade Talks" (episode # 1.4) 19 October 2004

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