Georgie Jones

Age: 19

Parents: Frisco Jones and Felicia Scorpio-Jones

Sister: Maxie Jones

Cousin: Lucas Jones


Georgie Jones was aged in 2003 to a teenage when they recasted Maxie again back to Robyn Richards. Lindze played Georgie from 2003 to the present. Georgie's first major storyline was having a crush on Lucas, however he liked Maxie. She didn't get much attention until Dillon arrived to town and he started liking Georgie.

However, Georgie became friends with Dillon quickly and asked him to help her like Lucas. After prom, she later discovered Dillon liked Georgie. This made her think about things and then GQ began. They went through many adventures together and had some rough times when Sage came to Port Charles. When Tracy tricked Georgie into breaking up with Dillon, he slept with Sage and Georgie was heartbroken. Through time, and Georgie making up a fake boyfriend Dillon and Georgie ended up back together.

During the virus scare, in 2005 Dillon got seriously ill and was dying. He asked Georgie to marry him and she said yes. Even though both of their parents didn't approve, they agreed because it was Dillon's dying wish. So, Dillon and Georgie got married in February 2005. After Dillon, miraculously survived they were husband and wife. They tried married life but it didn't work when Dillon spent too much time with Lulu and Georgie was spending time with Diego.

Even after they got a divorced, they still loved each other and were dating. However, Lulu's came up with plans of her own and lied to Dillon about Georgie sleeping with Diego. This was a huge fight and Dillon broke off things with Georgie and went straight to having sex with Lulu. Georgie then spent a lot of her time with Diego, who also was in on the plan with Lulu. Later, Dillon learned the truth and wanted to get back but Georgie was hurt. Georgie then found out that Lulu was pregnant and she became a supportive friend to both Lulu and Dillon.

Dillon and Georgie continued to see each and have feelings for one another but it didn't last because Dillon became attached to Lulu after she aborted their baby. Georgie then received attention from one of her professor and started working as his assistant for a book her was writing. During the hostage crisis, Georgie realized that Dillon liked Lulu and they ended their relationship.

Current Georgie is going to be a sophomore at PCU, and is a waitress at Kelly�s. She said her farewells to Dillon as he left Port Charles to purse his dreams in film.

Sadness hit the day of December 17,2007 when Georgie was murdered by the TMK. This has to be the saddest storyline on GH in a long time. Poor Sweet Georgie is gone!

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