Diego Alcazar

Arrival on Show: October 2004

Death on Show: November 17, 2006 (19 years old)

Parents: Maria Sanchez, Lorenzo Alcazar

Courtney Matthews was his foster parent when he first arrived to Port Charles.

Sister: Lila Rae

Cousins: Sage Alcazar (deceased)

Diego arrived on the show as Courtney's adopted son because his foster parents dropped out at the last second. Diego was a trouble-teen who enjoyed causing problems. He stole money from Lucas, and got into a fight at with him at Kelly's. Diego also flirted with Courtney as well. However, he runs into Brooke Lynn on the docks. At first Brooke Lynn is with Lucas but she hooks up with Diego to prove a point to her mother. Diego isn�t cool with that at all, but they end up actually start liking each other. She realizes this after he saves her from a shed exploding.

They then become girlfriend and boyfriend. Diego searches to find his father and he learns the shocking truth. That Maria (he thought was his sister) is actually his mother and that Lorenzo Alcazar is his father. At first he has a hard time facing the truth. However, over time Lorenzo treats Diego like his son. He moves in with his father and starts to become a different person according to Brooke Lynn. They get into a fight when Diego meets up with Maxie who is returning home.

Diego and Maxie flirt and gets Georgie upset. The two sisters fight and Maxie collapses at the Haunted Star. He goes to visit her to make sure she's okay but his heart belongs to Brooke Lynn. However, Brooke Lynn sees Diego with Maxie and realizes that he has feelings for her. Diego admits his feelings and they break up.He tried to hook up with Maxie but she fell for Jesse. This made Diego upset and he started to plan his revenge that no one saw coming. He was revealed as the PC Stalker! He drugged both Maxie and Brooke Lynn and took naked pictures of her. But why? He was seeking revenge of his cousin's Sage death!

He was turned in by his own father and didn't know what to do. Once Maxie came to the police station she yelled at him, preventing him to escape with a gun. He later on shows up at Kelly's with a gun and takes Georgie as a hostage. Georgie tries to convince Diego to turn himself in. When the police have him surround, he comes clean. The trial begins and Georgie is the only one that has compassion for him. He was sentence to prison.

Diego comes back to Port Charles and he owes it all to Georgie. He tells her how important she is in his life and wants to be with her. However, Georgie is married to Dillon. Later, he teams up with Lulu to break up Georgie and Diego and they succeed. He gets what he wants. However, Diego tells Georgie the truth and their relationship dies down when Dillon and Georgie begin to see each other again. He also gets a sister Lila Rae, Skye�s daughter.

Diego became very interested in wanting to work with his father. However, Lorenzo did not want him to work with him because his business is to danger. Finally, in time Lorenzo asks Diego if he wants in and Diego say yes. However, working for his father he ends up getting him killed. Trying to caught Jason, Sam, and Spinelli, Sam shoots at him as he dies.

Ignacio Serricchio played Diego Alcazar.


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