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Here is a list of all our guilds members and various information about them. We will try and keep this up to date so you can keep an eye on how much we pwn you =D

(soz bout forgetting some of u guys. ill add u in soon.) -MrBooga

Character Name Class Level Additional Info
MrBoogaWarrior33Guild Leader. Always up for guild hunting and helping out :D
InfidelMage30Needs new equipment, always looking for a team in EW for leveling.
pyrodragonMage222nd in command of NG and 1 of mrboogas best m8s so watch out wat u say bout him :)
MonkatalinWarrior40Hates fred durst, BIG fan of slipknot and Big fan of sw. Also is elite force member of NG. Monk recommends this Slipknot site :P
GinoWarrior37I like punk rock, Emo and Screamo. I am 26 years old. If your a new in the guild and i am free. I will tank for you. I am from Atlanta Georgia USA.
Aerinarcher22only girl in guild so far! lol .
LinyeraWarmage27hi guys my name is santiago in rl life. luv da sex pistols.oh and im looking for battle mage robe if u got!
JrodMage34Always happy to help friends in need.
fardwarrior40gd friend of mrbooga and met each other wen we were stil noobs.
Shadoslashwarrior25warrior with a hint of magic skill. into FF and anime and extreme dangerous stuff.
aradinwarrior32always looking for free stuff =P
katanawarrior39a cool friend of mrbooga and known him since we were both in loc.
maleficusarcher23likes to hunt to lvl him up. will help others wen he can :P
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