Hello everyone, it's Infidel here. Just wanted to let you know that i'm probably going to make a new website for NG at sometime this week because to be honest, this site is wank. I would post on the forums but it won't let me at the minute. Hang in there if the website is down for a while everyone.

Hello and welcome to the New Generation website. New generation is a guild on Shadow worlds (and MMORPG game). Our guild leader is MrBooga. We are currently located on the Shadow Plane server. We have recently started out and our website is under contruction. Please come back soon.

Welcome from MrBooga
Ok, this is a post from Mrbooga. As u all know, im guild leader and will be on this website frequently. I'd like to say thanks to Infidel for making this website. Anyway this home page wil also have important notices on it too. So peace out guys and never forget the NG motto! u mess with 1, u mess with all!

important notice.
Hello. i post this on home pg because it is important notice. u hav probably seen some honourary members of guild and might be wondering how can i become a honourary member? wel i shall tell u now :) throughout ur time in NG(which should be all ur time in sw) i will probably at one point or another ask u to do me a task, usually i will ask to do me a favour of which u specialise in. take for example aerin and infidel, they both specailise in html and pc work and therefore r a bg contribution to our guild.if u have any special ability that u r particalily gd at pls post on forum. of course if u show ur loyalty to guild u will also be rewarded in many different ways. one way is ranks,(read forum for info). wel peace out and fanx for readin this msg and i hope i did html right this time.

important notice.
OK in the past week our guild has made amazing progress. i would like to congratulate magicfreak,hexter,katana,blaziken,jrod and mrbooga for killing protector and completing quest for first time. this is proof that our guild is NOT a noob guild and those who passed this test were upgraded to NG knight rank. we also managed to kill alion yesterday which was very fun and got a skull staff =D peace out guys!

my ng members!
ok i go away for camp for a week hoping to find u all waiting for me on my way bak. but when i come bak i find wat? nothing! wheres all my members gone? it seems like none of u r ever online. :( i miss u dudes where r u
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