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29 JULY: Edd appears on!
Edd o'Sheas profile is up on This website is a directory of all the professional wrestlers working in Britain. To see Edd's profile have a look at !


The NGD Official website is the first site to bring news of everything to do with the o'Shea cousins... And what a headline this is! Edd o'Shea, the 15 year old trainee with the NWA is scheduled to make his first appearance in professional wrestling for 3DW in Surrey on August 4th! "It's the best news of my life" says the younger o'Shea cousin. At the moment the match will be a triple threat match for the 3DW Lightheavyweight Hardcore Championship! This is not a rib! Will Edd return home with some gold? Find out here first!

3 JULY: Tom o'Shea returns to training after 10 month absence!
Tom o'Shea returned to NWA Training today after a 10 month break from wrestling. After a brief chat with some of the juniors o'Shea took part in a basic technical session. "It feels good to be back" spoke o'Shea after training. However, what was pretty surprising was that a large majority of the wrestlers now consider Tom NWA's resident 'Edge lookalike.' We at the NGD website think too many DDT's have clearly shown their effect!
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