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The Florell's
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9 years
5 years
* Lesley Florell*
I am an  Early Childhood,under three's and special needs preschool educator. Early Childcare Diplomia I was the supervisor of a special needs/intergrated preschool in Mackenzie BC for 6 yrs.  I formed the preschool as an employee of Mackenzie Counselling Services,with contracts from the Child Development Center in Prince George BC, and then from social services through out the years. Although I found my job very rewarding,and loved the children very much, I gave up my position to be a stay at home mom. I am now completing my Education Assistant Certificate so I can work within the schooling system with my children

William (Willy)Florell*
Willy is a qualified Paramedic with BC ambulance, as well as a Level 3 Instructor of Industral First Aide. Willy currently works at Abitie Pulp and Paper Mill as a Protection and Laws Control Officer.
We have two beautiful children,a wonderful dog and a fixer upper house.
We enjoy camping, bowling, fishing and of course horse back riding
and Sam
         Parker enjoys Hockey, and Lacross,                                        Haley enjoys Figure Skateing
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