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( Imperial Gazetteer of India ) { The information about Shan State of the Union of Burma, (chinese version)} (ข้อมูลเรื่องราวความเป็นจริงในรัฐฉาน) (เพื่อความเข้าใจในประเทศพม่า) {Tai Dam (Black Tai) } {Tai Dam (Black Tai) } (Tai Legal History in Pictures ) (Tai Dam) (Tai Dam) (Tai Dam) (Tai Resources) (Shan - Tai) (Shan - Laos) (Shan - Tai) (Shan People) (Shan - Tai) culture/culture.html (Shan Culture) ( Shan State Internally Displaced People) (Shan - Tai) (Shan People) (Shan - Dai) (Tai languages) (Tai languages) (Tai languages) (Tai languages) ( Tai Tai Kong or Tai Dehong/Neua) (Tai languages & Culture)



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