The first thing I remember seeing on the telly was Star trek (TOS)

Saw the series , saw the films (all of them), then saw 'The next generation' pilot and wasn't impressed.
'Cept maybe with the counselor's dress (..hey , sue me , I' m human).

That changed after the series aired overhere (holland) and soon became kind of a fan.(I' not fanatic or something , I don't go around in my Startrek uniform or stuff like that ).

Two series later , and I'm somewhat hooked on Voyager , when all of a sudden ,  there are rumours that Kes is leaving and
some borg will replace her..
I'm thinking disaster , i'm thinking THIS WILL NEVER WORK .
Ohh yee of little faith...., they bring on some gorgeous blond and it works.
I mean it really does.

And it's not just about some gorgious blond walking on to improve on the ratings of a t.v. series either , as some critics seem to think.
Voyager was , and still is , an excellent series with good stories and charcter
It's just that Seven , in my opinion , makes all the characters come together
in a way that could not have happend before.
You'd never have seen the maternal insticts of Janeway , like she seems to diplay towards Seven(See: Dark frontier).
Or the hostillity towards her when B'lannna catches her spying on her relationship with Tom.
Or the obious hart-ague the Doctor is feeling when he teached Seven to date
(see: Someone to watch over me)

My fascination with Seven of Nine
Last update : June 10 2006

The pictures you find here were found on the web at various places.
In my opinion all the critics can just shut up , this perticular babe can act ,
she can sing , she does humor , drama , the lot....

Enough praise , we wouldn't want her to get a big head or something
(she wouldn't be as pretty).
That is the story of my slight obsession.
I will update these pages in time , but can't garanty it will be any time soon.

Live long and prosper

Marco heyboer , holland
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