If you're anything like me , you'll probably wanna customize your computer.
So I thought you might like some audio files(wavs).
You know the drill.., to save , right click on the link and press 'save target as'.

These are just some of the files that I use on my computer.
In fact , I use 'recieving a transmission' for my e-mail (I know it's a bit big but it works)
Are you asking for my opinion?

I'm downloading the text

You're correct.., unfortunately

Computer , initiate a level 4 diagotic..

Have a pleasant day

I'm recieving a transmission..

I am rude?

I will examine your data..

A decision has to be made...
Updated : 27-02-2006
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From dracula 2000 , 2001 , 2002:
(don't get me started on that one...)
Get the crash , get the sunset...?
From Voyager..
Belanna Torres:

Forget it , I've got my own problems

Captain Janeway:
Have you tried counseling?

Even though these aren't actually Jeri , I liked the samples too much to keep them to myself.
Might put some more up in time..
Unrelated stuff (but fun none the less):
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