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Scion continues to support Hip-Hop and independent artistic expression by presenting the Scion 3rd annual "Free Up Your Mix" National DJ Contest.  The legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and NYC mixtape kingpin Tony Touch are among the judges that will be evaluating the submissions.

The contest celebrates and rewards DJs for showcasing their skills and creativity by submitting their best mixtapes.

DJ Abyss One and C.A.Z. produced their own 30 minute sample mixtape for the competition and feel that they should be in it to win it. 

Results of the competition will be posted as soon as possible.
Information Da Album
C.A.Z. & DJ Trouble$ome
For CD Purchases Contact C.A.Z @ [email protected]
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Name: C.A.Z.
Email: [email protected]
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From Left to Right: SLOLEE DYING w/ "Da Trial", DJ Trouble$ome w/ Info. Da Album
DJ ABYSS ONE w/ Zero 2 A Hero Mix Tape, and MC R.R. Album Coming Soon.
Slolee Dying "Da Trial" is a self proclaimed album, describing the trials and tribulations of one of the Bay Area's up in coming artists.  Slolee Dying also produces his own beats complimented with lyrics that put the listener into the realization of what's really real. CHECK IT OUT.  Contact [email protected] for CD sales. Price $5.00
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